The Team Approach

Northwest Eye Surgeons works with you and your team of health care providers to determine the best treatment for your eyes. We work with other practitioners such as optometric physicians, primary care physicians, specialists, nurse practitioners and physician assistants in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. We practice this team approach, also known as co-management, because we believe it provides you the best care and clinical outcomes.

We recommend that you talk with your eye doctor about your treatment options. He or she can provide information, advise you as to which option may be best for you, and if appropriate, recommend a surgical consultation.

Northwest Eye Surgeons is a pioneer in the area of co-management of post-surgical patients. You may choose to schedule your post-operative appointments with your personal eye doctor or the specialists at Northwest Eye Surgeons. We believe that following your surgery, when you are stable, your care may be safely and successfully managed by your personal eye care professional in consultation with our team of experts.

Before and after surgery, your surgeon and your eye doctor will consult on your care. After surgery, we send a report to your eye doctor. At each subsequent post-operative visit, your eye doctor sends a detailed report to your surgeon so both can carefully follow your progress.

If you have any questions regarding the co-management approach to your eye care, please contact your personal eye care professional, health care provider, or a Northwest Eye Surgeons counselor.