Pre-Surgical History & Physical Exams

"H & P" exams evaluate your medical history (H) and physical (P) health to make sure you are healthy enough to proceed with surgery. Eye surgery at a NWES surgery facility usually involves local anesthesia and moderate sedation, which could affect patients on medication and with complicated medical conditions.

You can see your primary care physician (PCP) or family doctor for this evaluation, or be seen at Northwest Eye Surgeons in Seattle. These pre-surgery exams are covered by insurance in most cases.

Our surgeons will recommend that our healthy patients be seen for their surgical evaluation here at Northwest Eye Surgeons in Seattle. H&P exams are performed by our anesthesia providers.


The History & Physical Evaluation

At your intial visit, your surgeon will determine if you can have your H&P evaluation at Northwest Eye Surgeons, and our staff will schedule a future appointment.

At the H&P evaluation, our staff will:

  • Review your medical history - identifying any previous disease, injury, condition
  • Examine your body's major systems - for example, listening to your heart and lungs
  • Take your temperature, blood pressure, weight and height
  • Confirm who will accompany you home after surgery

If you have a complicated health condition, we will recommend that you see your primary care physician for your pre-surgical evaluation.